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Waikaremoana Manuoha Track to Sandy Bay Hut and Ruapani Track                 

260    W18 Waikaremo

Topo50 BG39 Ruatahuna & BG40 Waikaremoana

Topo250 Sheet 10

Feb 2011 A pretty tough tramp falling in the fit or moderate plus category mainly due to the steepness of the first day getting up to Manuoha Hut  which takes a minimum of 5 hours to cover the 7km. Day 2 is more of a stroll through enchanted forest though the 13km still requires a full 7 hours to reach Sandy Bay Hut on Lake Waikareiti. The walk out from here back to the road near the Holiday Park at Waikaremoana can be long or short but the route via the Ruapani Track requires about 6 hours and passes seven wetlands or lagoons..


Waikaremoana Local Walks 260 W18Waikaremoana

Topo50: BG40 Waikaremoana

Oct 2006 Two easy, pleasant, short walks for those recovering from the Waikaremoana Great Walk or by those waiting for others to complete the big one.  Both Lake Waikareiti and the Rata Tree take about 2 hours to complete


260 W18Waikaremoana

Topo50: BG40 Waikaremoana

Oct 2006

The drive from Taupo takes roughly 3 hours covering 160km. The tramp takes 4 days with 3 nights in DOC Huts. Day 1 comprises easy walking for 3:40minutes (12.5km) from the start at the swing bridge just off SH38 to the Waiharuru Hut, quite new and very spacious. Day 2 is 8 hours long, Day 3 is a day of ascending whilst day 4 is basically downhill off the Panekiri Bluffs. This is a challenging walk on un-manicured footpaths so strength and skill is required, especially for some of the ascents and in areas where problems have been caused by windfalls.  There is some really beautiful forest walking and the views of Lake Waikaremoana and the Panekiri Bluffs are outstanding.  There are several minor day and part-day walks that can be tackled from the camp ground as part of the recovery process after this Great Walk.


Waikato River Trail 260-T15  Putararu and                                

260-T16 Tokoroa

Jun 08 A different walk with a lot of driving and van moving involved.  A short scenic stroll from Arapuni gives a view of the massive swing bridge plus the power station then along the bluffs above the Waikato River, passing Arapuni Dam with a good viewpoint before descending to the riverside again.  Distance covered is just over 5km with height loss and gain of 100 metres. From here a drive of over an hour is involved to pick up the next section which is actually  rather boring and inclined to be a bit of a route-march. There is some good scenery once near Atiamuri but the magnificent bluffs and river gorge views are far fewer and less spectacular. The track varies greatly and is still under development, there are no hills to ascend but there are 11km to cover whilst altitude loss gain is only 20 metres.



Waikato River Trail - Wapapa Northwards


Topo50: BE35 Arapuni & BF35 Waipapa                                

Photos via the photo links page

Aug 2016 A 4 -5 hour relatively easy walk on "demanding" bike track from Waipapa Dam northwards to the end of Waotu Road South. If you like bike carrying then have a go and tackle the large sets of steps which have a bike rail. Pick up point is very end of Waotu Road South. No write up as full records not collected - GPX covers first 3km and pick up point.


Waione Tram loop bike track 260-S19Raurimu                       

Topo50: BG34 Piropiro

Mar 09

This is a moderate 2 day tramp covering between 25 and 30km depending on the actual starting point. Tenting is inevitable as there is no convenient hut on the route, which is advertised as a 25km mountain bike track.  Most maps do not show any tracks in the area but some are shown on certain older maps and DoC have put up track markers in critical places – but not in sufficient number. Most of the walking is on good, often quad bike, tracks and there are 2 river crossings plus the odd pretty severe grunt. Not recommended if the party has no navigational skills and doubt if most bikers would enjoy it.


Wainora Kauri 260-T12 Thames                               

Topo50: BB35 Hikuai

April 2005

A relatively easy, three hour round trip to large Kauri tree with eight river / stream crossings – dry in the dry season – and steep climbs on a  sometimes rocky path.


Waipakihi Hut via Umukarikari 260-T19 Tongariro                             

Topo50 BH35 Turangi & BH36 Motutere

Nov 2010

A long, relatively strenuous tramp of 5 – 7 hours covering 14km each way, ascending over 900m on the way in and 500m on the way out. The high point is just off the summit of Umukarikari (1591m) whilst the hut is at about 1100m and the start at just over 700.  There is a bit of a brutal start as it is steep uphill as soon as the car park is exited into the beech forest. Once up through the forest the path is well marked but rather exposed on adverse weather days so beware since there are quite a few bluffs around. Some of the eroded steps should be repaired and upgraded soon (2010) but at present they are a challenge for Hobbits.   The new track sign for the Urchin track is a good indicator of progress and is a bit before the Umukarikari summit.  After the high point vegetation is a bit scarce but the views can be magnificent as the descent commences. The final hour down to the hut is a challenge as the track is very degraded, well gullied and often rocky and gravelly. The hut itself is superb and is in a great location for evening views.


Waipakihi Valley 260-T20  Ruapehu                                 

Topo50: BH35 Turangi

Mar 2009

An easy, if somewhat wet, tramp of 4 – 5 hours up the Waipakihi River and back.  The walk is wet because there are about 14 river crossings to be tackled. This number increases the further the tramp is extended.  There is a track in many places though it is not too distinct but walk direction is relatively simple as it follows the river.  The access from the Desert Highway plus GPS track of the walk can be seen on the map.  There is an altitude loss of just over 50 metres from the car park down to the first river crossing then a gradual gain of the same amount walking up the valley to the point reached on this outing.  Total walk distance inwards, as mapped, is 7.6km (GPS) giving over 15 km for the round trip.


Waipapa Tracks Topo50: BF34 Benneydale & BF Wkakamaru                            

Photos via the photo links page

Aug 2016 This is classified as a “fit” grade of tramp as it does take about 8 hours, is mainly on “routes” not tracks and the area has in the past suffered a great deal of windfall so there is endless clambering over trees – some of them absolute giants. Then there are several stream crossings thrown in to help keep the feet cool and the boots clean. But the saving grace is that this is all  pretty well undisturbed forest with several awe-inspiring giant trees, amazing birdlife – many Kaka – and if one is careful and can follow the various coloured markers there is endless tramping to be done.


Wairere Falls 260-T14 Morrinsville                                       

Topo50: BD36 Lower Kaimai

April 2007 Easy to moderate, almost non-stop, unrelenting climb to the top of the Wairere waterfall and back covering about 12km in over 3 - 4hours.  The descent can be made “exciting” if the old Maori Trail down is followed – not recommended for the wary or unfit.


Wairere Falls and Puketutu Hut 260-T14 Morrinsville                                  

Topo50: BD36 Lower Kaimai

April 08

The walk is best described as moderate plus with an almost non-stop, unrelenting climb from the word go till the crest above the top of the Wairere waterfall is reached.  Most of this path is well groomed, not overly steep and there are several sections of steps and ladders, with platforms, large rocks and boardwalks.  Once at the top the terrain is, at first, a well nigh level plain which can be boggy at times. The Wairere then the North tracks are followed and to reach the Puketutu Hut there is a small, poorly marked track branching off near an animal gravesite.  This track takes about an hour with a slight grunt uphill.  Being an out-and-back walk one can turn back at any time but the full walk requires 4 hours outwards and about 3 hours return. The final descent can be made “exciting” if the old Maori Trail down is followed – not recommended for the wary or unfit.


Wairere Stream to crash site 260 Series: Ohakune T20 and Ruapehu T20                       

Topo50: BH34 Raurimu &  BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu

Jun 2010 A moderate to fit loop tramp of 5 to 9 hours depending on how far you go or the weather or conditions allow with the short loop only 11km.  This is a high altitude tramp and adverse conditions can exist in any season.  There are many bluffs after about 2 hours and good visibility is essential. The tramp starts on the tourist track towards Tama Lakes from the Chateau then heads SSE following the Wairere Stream on a rough track which is unclear at times.  About an hour or so out there is a series of waterfalls and impressive whaleback ridges and pinnacles.  There is a “grunty” ascent up through bluffs at about 2 hours on to a gently to moderately sloping area – this ascent can be impossible in snow and ice.  From here a sidle due south is done heading straight at Te Heuheu peak. At some point the Wairere Stream line is crossed and the route then loops back towards Whakapapa on the Whakapapa Ridge. This walk can be attempted in wintertime but is better as a summer outing.


Wairere Stream, Pinnacles & Whakapapa Ridges                                

260 Series: T20  Ohakune & T20 Ruapehu

Topo50 Map: BH34 Raurimu & BJ34 Ruapehu

Photos via the photo links page

Dec 2013 A moderate to fit loop tramp of 5 to 6 hours depending on fitness level or as the weather allows.  The tramp starts on the tourist track towards Tama Lakes from the Chateau then heads SSE following the Wairere Stream. At some point the stream line is crossed and the route then loops back towards Whakapapa via the Pinnacles then Whakapapa Ridge. This walk can be attempted in wintertime but is better as a summer outing.


Waitawheta Daly's Circuit                                 

260 Series Map:  Paeroa T13

Topo50 Map:  BC35 Paeroa

Nov 2009 A circular 3-day tramp of around 37km with about 1500 metres of ascent and descent with most of the hard work on days 1 and 3 whilst day 2 is a pleasant stroll down the old tramway in the Waitawheta valley visiting all the artifacts of the previous logging industry plus a side trip to admire some Kauri trees.


Waitomo Tramps Topo50 Map: BF32 Piopio & BF33 Te Kuiti                            Falls        Mud 

Photos via the photo links page

Non 2016 Overnighter in Top10 Waitomo to tackle the Tawarau Falls and Double falls with three options. Next day walk on the mud infested Mangaohae track from Were Road


Wangapeka BQ22 Karamea                              

BQ23 Wangapeka Saddle

BQ24 Tapawera

March 2010

A hard five day four nights tramp on some of the toughest back-country tracks tackled for a long time.  Many very tricky sections, wicked ascents and descents – some of them on or past landslips. Good huts all the way and not overly busy whilst the South Island Robins were a delight every day. Walking times may seem very slow but the average age of the party was over 68 and many people had commented in the hut books that times quoted on track notices were not quite accurate enough and virtually all trampers took a lot longer than the DoC times!


Weraroa Trig 260 Series Map:  Kuratau, T18 and Whakamaru T17                            

Topo50 Map:    BG34 Piropiro & BG35 Tihoi

Photos via the photo links page

Oct 2015 A fairly grunty day walk of 6 - 8 hours out and back from Waihora though wonderful, wet mossy forest with great birdlife. Hunters and their camps often encountered as well as parties of school students having the bush experience. Can be made into A to B walks by exiting via Bog Inn or Waihaha Hut.

Whakaipo Bay to Kinloch (W2K track) 260-T18 Kuratau                            

Topo50: BG36-Taupo

Photos via the photo links page

Sep 2008

Sept 2015

A moderate tramp of 4 to 6 hours covering 14 to 20+ kilometres depending on whether the Headland Track is included. Neither the 14km W2K or the 23km Headland tracks are flat but there are no slopes steep enough to be described as “grunts” to the normal tramper.  However, be warned, THIS IS A BIKE TRACK so be aware all the time and alert enough to get out of the way as there are many virtually blind corners, summits and bends and bikes travel at over 30km per hour in places  A good way to tackle this tramp is to split the party with transport at either end.  In Kinloch there is a car park directly behind the Fire Station just past the Marina. 


Whakapapa Ridge, Saddle Cone and Wairere Stream 260 Series:                         

T20  Ohakune & T20 Ruapehu

Topo50 Map: BH34 Raurimu & BJ34 Ruapehu

Photos via the photo links page

June 2014

A strenuous walk, mainly off-track  in the moderate to fit category lasting five to six hours, covering about 16km and ascending almost 700 metres with some slightly “hairy” descents. It starts and ends at the Chateau (WP011134masl) in Whakapapa. The route goes up the Whakapapa Ridge, crosses the Pinnacles Ridge, descends to cross the Wairere Stream then crosses another ridge to get to Saddle Cone – which is incorrectly marked on the current NZTM map. The return walk gets back in to the Wairere Stream, out to meet the Tama Lakes track and back to the Chateau


Whakapapa Ridge and Silica Rapids 260-S20 Ohakune  & 260-T20 Ruapehu                  

Topo50 BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu

Nov 2010 A fairly strenuous circular walk in the moderate category lasting four to five hours including breaks. It starts and ends at the Chateau in Whakapapa and can be lengthened or shortened at will. There are three routes that can be followed but at present only two of these are logged and described. Starting in Whakapapa the route goes up the Whakapapa ridge which lies to the NE of the Whakapapanui Stream. The stream is crossed then, with various options, the Bruce Road is reached after crossing the Waipuna Stream.  From here it is possible  to walk down the road but the better option is to slip off on to the track (WR21 1258masl) for Silica Rapids and get back to Whakapapa via the Silica and Golden Rapids.  Much of the first half of this tramp is off-track whilst the track via the rapids takes a bit over an hour


Whakapapa Ridge Whakapapanui Stream                                        

260 Series Map: S20 Ohakune and T20 Ruapehu

Top050 Map: BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu Nov 2011 A relatively easy walk taking close to 4 hours covering about 9km with 300-400 metres of ascent. Starting at the car park in Whakapapa the route goes up the Whakapapa Ridge (poorly maintained track) to a fair height then drops off to the right (south) into the Whakapapanui Stream. From this point  the walk continues upstream on the true right bank then climbs back up on to the Whakapapa Ridge at a high point just before the Pinnacles Ridge starts. From here it is an easy descent back down to Whakapapa.


Whakapapa Ridge and Wairere Stream 260 S20 Ohakune                      

260 T20 Ruapehu

Topo50 BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu

Dec 2010

A fairly strenuous walk in the moderate to fit category lasting four to five hours including breaks. It starts and ends at the Chateau in Whakapapa and can be lengthened or shortened at will or as the weather dictates.  The plan on the day was to continue to the SSW on the Pinnacles Ridge as far as possible until a descent was made near the chairlift up above Happy Valley – low cloud and very poor visibility made this impossible as there are bluffs all around in the area to be accessed.  The exit used on the day was to head back down the Pinnacles Ridge then descend steeply into the Wairere Stream and follow that back to meet the Tama Lakes track and hence back to Whakapapa. GPX Waypoints only.


Whakapapaiti from Whakapapa via Silica Rapids 260 - Ohakune, 1:50,000 S20                

Topo50 BJ34-Mnt Ruapehu

Jul 2011 A moderate A to B tramp of 5 to 6 hours using part of the round the mountain track passing Golden Rapids and, if desired, Silica Rapids then the Whakapapaiti Hut. If shortened or aborted due to weather then it is a long way back out using the inwards route


Whakapapanui Track 260-T20 Okahune                            

Topo50: BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu

Aug 2005

An easy 2 hour out and back or circular walk on a well formed track through Montane forest (beech / silver birch for the Europeans) basically following the Whakapapanui stream down stream from near the Chateau in Whakapapa Village.  Nothing spectacular on this track but nice secluded forest which is pretty wet in parts with a lot of lichens and moss on the trees plus some mistletoe on the trees, look for the anti-possum bands.


Whakatane Ohope Topo50: BE40 Whakatane                       

May 2016 A delightful walk on the hilly Kohi Point Walkway from Whakatane to Ohope Beach, quite hard work due to steep slopes and staircases. Good forest and sea birdlife. Bay Hopper bus back from Ohope after coffee and ice cream


Whangamata Rd to Kinloch via Kawakawa Bay 260 Series Map: Kuratau T18               

Topo50 Maps:  BG35-Tihoi & BG36-Taupo

May 2012 Kawakawa Bay reached (2hrs +/-) from the Whangamata Track then exit via Kawakawa Bay track to Kinloch (Total 4 - 5 hours). Distance 18km with 400m ascent and preferred route is Whangamata Road, Kawakawa Bay  to Kinloch as good parking in Kinloch for the bus to await walkers coming out.


Whangaehu Valley 260 - T20 Ruapehu                                 

Topo50 Series Maps: BJ34 Ruapehu & BJ35 Waiouru

Sep 2011

A first attempt at the wrong time of year to get up into the Tukino Ski Village via the Whangaehu Valley. The first hour is spent walking on the Round the Mountain track towards the Rangipo Hut then the rest is off-track through very mixed terrain from soft, easy walking ridges to steep loose scree descents – then there is the Lahar gully!  In winter time it is just not possible to proceed up the gullied sections of the Whangaehu streamline.


Whirinaki Track                             

260-V18 Whirinaki

BG38 Wairapukao

Jan 2013

Several variations of moderate to fit walks are possible but this note basically covers walking from the car park on Plateau Road in the forest area to Minginui via the Central Whirinaki Hut and the cave.  This is a long walk of 25+km and has to be tackled at a relatively hard pace to ensure reaching the goal well before dark since there is still along drive back to Taupo from Minginui via Murupara and Rainbow Mountain on SH5.  Access to the starting point on Plateau Road via a public easement through the forest is not too easy and use of the map or, better, someone who knows the way acting as a guide is essential.


Whirinaki Huts- Upper and Central 260 V18 Whirinaki                       

Topo50 BG38 Wairapukao

Dec 2010 This is a pretty hard, 17km tramp on badly over-grown tracks in to the Upper Whirinaki Hut then onwards following the Taumutu Stream  to meet the Whirinaki–Central Hut track. Depending on time of year, time available and fitness, it is only a few kilometres to head north to the Central Hut but think about this as there is still quite a long way to go outwards passing and visiting the cave. After the cave it is a bit of a grunt back up the hill to the Plateau Road car-park and overall there are over 700 metres of ascent and descent.


YMCA, CNI to Link Road 260-T17 Whakamaru                            

Topo50 BF35 Whakamaru

May 2011 An easy to moderate, muddy in places, slightly tricky tramp of 3:45 to about 6 hours depending which ending is used once the CNI is reached. This is all through some of the wettest forest in the area. Generally the track is rather neglected these days and the crest ridge close to Titiraupenga summit can be tricky. From the Centre of the North Island (CNI) it is 5 minutes to the car park but 2 hours if the track to Link Road is followed.


Zekes Hut via Hihitahi Forest Sanctuary 260-U21 Taihape                        

Topo50: BK35 Taihape

Oct 2010 A moderate out-and-back tramp of 6 hours covering 6.5km each way with about 750metres ascent and descent each way.  The Hihitaki Forest Sanctuary really works and the birdlife is amazing with endless birdsong and many species seen or heard including: Wood pigeon, Blackbird, Thrush, Chaffinch, Tui, Paradise Goose, Bell Bird, Waxeye and Robin.  Much of the walk is in good forest with many Cedars being seen along with the usual native species such as Totara.  The target – Zeke’s Hut – is a very modern 4 bunk hut with roof water supply and wood-burner but, for some reason, no proper verandah.


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